Inspection, Shortages, and Acceptance

Goods should be inspected at the place of destination promptly upon arrival. Any shortage claims must be made within five (5) days after delivery. There is a fifteen-day claim period for defects that should be discoverable through inspection (ie. visible damage to shipping container, veneer or edgebanding issues). There is an additional fifteen-day claim period (30 days total) in the case of defects that would likely not be identified at delivery as they are not obvious until assembly is attempted (ie. machining errors, defective/missing Lamello fasteners). Your acceptance of the goods will be presumed and any breach of warranty waived if you fail to give us notice of defective or non-conforming goods within these timeframes. The notice must describe the defective goods and the specific faults upon which the claims are based. Seller will be given a reasonable opportunity to investigate all claims and to inspect allegedly defective goods. 

Limited Warranty

Cabinet Joint provides a Three-Year Limited Warranty to the original consumer purchaser for three years from the date of delivery for Access products. This warranty is limited to defects in material or workmanship.

This warranty is limited solely to the value of the original materials purchased from Cabinet Joint and is further limited to the purchase price paid for the materials. Cabinet Joint will not be responsible for extraneous materials, labor, travel costs, installation expenses or other related expenditures.

Damage or failure from misuse, abuse, faulty assembly or installation, improper care and use, improper storage, acts of God or other circumstances out of Cabinet Joint’s control are not covered under the warranty.

Blum hardware carries a lifetime warranty. The customer must file their warranty directly with Blum after Cabinet Joint’s three-year warranty has expired. Information on how to claim a warranty can be found in your hardware pack or you may contact your Access Cabinet Coach for details.